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Возраст,лет 24
Рост 167 см
Вес 50 кг
Бюст 2 размер

During the massage, I use a variety of oils, including odorless, dim lights and pleasant music. 9 out of 10 guests return to me, so I'm sure I won't disappoint you.
If you are for the first time, or just a shy person, I will be not only an ideal massage therapist for you, but also an interlocutor. It's very easy to find a common language with me.
Meetings on weekends and later are discussed in advance. From me: clean, modern, comfortable apartments, individual accessories, oils to choose from, gentle but strong hands and, upon completion of the massage, warm healthy herbal tea. For those who are "stronger", I do a power massage body massage (for programs of two hours or more).
I carry out disinfection and wet cleaning after each guest!
About myself: I regularly do fitness and yoga, I do not smoke, I travel often, I like to do massage and I am constantly learning new techniques.
PS: Massage is strictly without intimacy, I cannot smoke. This is not a salon, the photos are 100% mine. I answer the calls on my own, if I didn’t answer, then I’m at the massage, call back later :).
With a stopwatch in hand don't sit like this process of sensuality. To enjoy the touch, the look, the charisma, look out "testing the waters" and fully revealing.
Individually, at home. Professional approach to work
Massage make love, strong hands, coconut oil, king of says, convenient


г. Санкт-Петербург Октябрьский, 17 line, v. o.

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